Norah is 8!!!!!!!!  We celebrated for about a week! She had an early birthday party with friends and cousins at Bounce Gymnastics on May 20th. I made her a special birthday breakfast on her birthday (German pancake with strawberries and a candle) and also had a family dinner for her (and another cake) on May 27th. Here are some pics from her party. Side note – Norah and Alice have been taking gymnastics classes at Bounce since February.

On the far right you can see two ladies running the party – Ms. Robin and Ms. Ashley. Ms. Robin was a PE teacher at Norah’s school until she started her job managing Bounce and Ms. Ashley still is a PE teacher at the school. It was really fun for Norah to have them celebrate with her. Ms. Ashley told us that Norah is very creative with her imaginative play on the playground at school.

Freya loves Nathan so much she came out to play with him during the party

The obligatory candle blowing shot

We gave out chicken flingers for party favors and the kids were flinging them all over after the party


Norah’s 8th Birthday Party

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