The highlight of the day for me was seeing the Grand Prismatic. All of the following pictures are from the Grand Prismatic. All of Yellowstone has an other worldly feel to it but this spot was the most amazing to me. I would alternately feel rushes of cool air and hot steam. It was so steamy my hair was wet and there were places we couldn’t see each other even just a few yards away. I could have spent hours looking at those boiling blue pools. IMG_4899IMG_4878 IMG_4887 IMG_4900IMG_4858Can you see Bryan in this steam?IMG_4903IMG_4909We should have ended the day on that note but we pushed our luck and took the girls to see the mud pots. We were caught in a torrential downpour on that walk and we were all soaked. Once in the car, the girls kept telling me to “not do that again” and Bryan kept trying to explain it wasn’t my fault that it rained. Then they would say things like “Its ok Mama, we forgive you, just don’t do it again.” After that Bryan and I decided to stay in a hotel that night. We drove back to our campground, dressed the girls in dry clothes and kept them in the car with the heater on, packed up and left the park. Unfortunately we had to drive all the way to Victor to find a vacancy but we were warm and dry. Next time we are going to plan a year in advance and have reservations at the Old Faithful Inn!


Yellowstone: Grand Prismatic

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