Freya reached 9 months on April 25th. She is now constantly using furniture to pull herself up to standing and she will even “cruise” a bit along furniture. Freya likes to hold on with just one hand and wave the other to show off and she has started to point. Freya has thus far been a rather quiet baby but her babbling has increased recently and she seems much more interactive. Her big sisters have taken notice of her increased playfulness and lavish her with attention. Alice plays a little too rough with her in my opinion but Freya has survived it so I guess what doesn’t kill her will just make her stronger right? As for myself, I enjoy playing with Freya so much that after she goes to bed I think “I can’t wait to see Freya in the morning.” 9 months is a fantastic age! 4/16IMG_1622 IMG_1623 4/17IMG_1629 IMG_1635 4/30IMG_1760 IMG_1765 IMG_1766 5/1 at her 9 month check up. Dr. Hart said “she is just so perfect” and she also commented on how curious Freya was. Freya loved playing with Dr. Hart’s Stethoscope. IMG_1774

Freya at 9 months

One thought on “Freya at 9 months

  • May 9, 2015 at 12:12 am

    She IS perfect! Such a cutie. And I love how long your hair is getting. I miss you fiercely.


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